For more than 8 weeks in a row, I had 2 to 3 discovery calls every week. What a personal record!

To many experienced coaches, the number is nothing to write home about. Making that comparison does not help me to grow, it only increases the self-doubt. …

It has been quite a few months of learning & searching.

Doing things vs getting things done

How am I doing things and/or getting things done?

Let’s be clear on the difference between those two.

Doing things: just execute one task after another, keeping busy

Getting things done: execute a task that moves towards a goal

One year ago, I became covid-unemployed. I felt hurt and lost, I was handed a ticket to make decisions. And decisions were what I made, plenty and over again.

Release or keep the grief

It is ok to feel the shame & grief. I gave myself time. Get the grief out. Keeping it create imbalance…

New ideas come to me all the time. Wishing to help, wanting to connect, wanting to reach out to more people, finding new ways to improve, figure out a way to handle anger. You name it, I got all of them.

This search is relentless.

Distinguishing new ideas from distractions…

Frustration, anger, feeling unheard, feeling being left out

Noise or signal?

A few reflections of my recently angry moment. That was not new, in fact, this is very familiar. However, this is the first time I am writing it down.

All tiny details were amplified as being there to annoy me.

My ego told me this was unfair and this was…

A momentary inventory check on the precious things in life.

Watching the sunset, pause then take a deep breath.

Feel my feet and watch friends around the dinner chatting away.

Enjoy an afternoon tea time with my mum, my sister and my 2 aunts.

Given time & space to help…

Can one acquired skill be applied & supportive in other fields?

Illustrations by
Illustration by manypixels

I have been chewing a little on the usefulness of transferrable skills. Let’s go.

Build relationships

Create human connection, share experiences and stories. Why? We live and build stuff together, help each other and on top of that, we have a…

Denise Tham

The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.

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