Start to check in on your clutter

Been reviewing what clutter do I keep.

Denise Tham
Mar 10, 2022

This is inspired by the Minimalists.

  • Busyness, obsessed over details and tidiness.
  • Strong attachment to schedules.
  • Unsupportive self-narrative, tight grip on diminishing gender socialisation stories.
  • “Be nice”

The list gets long.

Breaking the pattern that keeps draining my energy. It could be both fun & practical for this period.

Fun: How would I react to this change when I declutter?
Practical: C’mon, is it about time to break the pattern during this period of havoc?

What is more supportive of my mind and body?
Does being kind trumps being nice?
Why do I say those things to myself but not to my friends?

Let’s go, let’s do some cleaning. Let’s make some choices.