What, when, how — I decide

One year ago, I became covid-unemployed. I felt hurt and lost, I was handed a ticket to make decisions. And decisions were what I made, plenty and over again.

It is ok to feel the shame & grief. I gave myself time. Get the grief out. Keeping it create imbalance in our bodies and minds, get them out the best that I know how, without hurting anyone along the way. I wrote, connected to nature and talked to trusted friends. There are still layers to be shed and I am on my way as I decide to release.

When you say Yes to to others, don’t say No to yourself.

When you dedicate time and care for yourself, you are saying Yes to yourself.

Choose a No when you feel that balance is not right. Choose what & who to say Yes to.

Knowing changes is what I am facing during this period. I notice I fall off track, I did and still do. I lost sight of my Why. I chose being busy over getting closer to my dreams. I slowly build my support systems, ranging from a simple anchor, a painting and of course a musical.

🌱 “I embrace exactly who I am and where I am, right here, right now” 🌱 Hamilton, the musical 🌱 A lotus painting 🌱 How I release unsupportive energy 🌱 Who I ask for help

I could had easily dwelled into self-pity, self-hatred, sat & sulked at my very own shame parties (been there, done that, may times). I could decide to stay in that pit.

What could I learn from this period and lift myself up? How can I use this to lift someone else up too?

How would I choose to see this period now.

👉🏽What a laid-off disaster OR 👉🏽 One heck of a Mega self-discovery year?

I decide what’s possible.



The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important. https://www.linkedin.com/in/deetee/ https://www.denisetham.com/

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