Denise Tham
1 min readFeb 28, 2022


The war in Ukraine shocked me on the morning of 24 Feb 2022.

I was on my yoga mat and was reading on my phone.

My mind went “What? Is this for real?”

After much reading and search, it is real.

What is this suffering for? Solely on power grabbing and leaving a legacy?

Have we, as a species failed to learn about the catastrophe effects of wars?

I cry for everyone on the grounds who are facing this atrocities, I cry and asking why. I also cry for my guilt reading comfortably and walking safely in my city. I cry for the normalcy I have lying in bed at night and going to sleep.

For some moment, I told myself this is not true. My denial was then quickly revert back to facing the grim facts of increasing death toll. My anger came up unexpectedly and wishing ill for another human being, that shocked me yet reminded me, I am human.

I am moved by the patriotism, the support from various nations. Peace talk has started. The uncertainty is enormous ahead of us.

  1. Start looking into who needs support among my friends and reach out.
  2. Find out how/ where our donation helps then take actions.
  3. Follow the updates and keep calm
  4. Help ourselves by creating peace and when we can, help another person.

We are all human beings living on this rock to ease each others’ struggles one moment at a time. Stop this war.