New ideas vs distractions

Denise Tham
2 min readFeb 13, 2021


New ideas come to me all the time. Wishing to help, wanting to connect, wanting to reach out to more people, finding new ways to improve, figure out a way to handle anger. You name it, I got all of them.

This search is relentless.

Distinguishing new ideas from distractions. I notice the timing decides which label I put on it.

How would this (insert variable: new idea / distraction) hinder my current progress towards my goals/tasks? Do I choose to stay focus now and let myself explore?

How supportive would it be to explore my idea Right Now when I am in the middle of a task?

Several ways to explore and/or to stay focus when detecting an idea approaching me:

🌱 1. Timebox the attention

Ok, let go check out this new idea for 5min ⏳

🌱 2 .Brain dump it

✍🏽 Write the idea on my notebook / a post-it / my phone

🌱 3. Let it pass

Bye-bye birdy 👋 Muah 💋

How would it be like if I feel my energy and let it flow to where the curiosity lead to explore? It feels easier, more align with how far I wish to explore.

I also use this anchor, a painting (Zhang DaXian) as a gentle reminder that I can let my guts to decide which way to go, towards flexibility (to explore) or towards rigidity (to stay focus).

Dialling towards flexibility with a new idea


dialling towards rigidity with a distraction…

You make the choice for building your healthy habits.
You decide what is possible.