Matching applicant’s values to company’s values

Prior to applying for a job, what if each job applicant evaluates a company’s value to find a match?

These days, almost all companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), to receive, rank and track progress during the hiring process. This form of streamlining process make perfect sense to find qualified candidates and also to decline unqualified ones.

Let’s turn the table.

What if each job applicant has a Company Tracking System (STS) on each company which was intended to seek employment? Can this be a way to match the applicant’s values to the company’s to streamline identifying the best fit employer?

What could those matching points be?

How a company contributes or affect human life and experience.

A few of these contributions could be team work, creating a safe workplace, supporting physical health and mental health, creating incentives to reduce suffering, support human connection etc. What if a company’s value and mission is to promote loving kindness among human? How would the ranking look like?

How a company contributes to the systems/states of the world that affect human as a whole

Some examples are poverty, sanitation, democracy, food supplies etc. What if each company has a charter to contribute to a fragment in this area? How would it look to the applicant when evaluating to see if there is a match?

How a company contributes to Earth preservation as a planet and the only home to humanity.

We are all responsible to keep our only home safe to live in and maintaining a sustainable living environment. When each company is measured against helping to maintain CO2 emission or help to preserve some part of our Amazon forest?

Are the companies in the world ready to take this on to attract the best talent? Are job seekers willing to put in the effort to evaluate these to find the best match? Does employability now can be updated with a slice of critical eyes on contribution in these 3 aspects?

The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.