Letting go of unsupportive habits

Notice them & rid of them

Denise Tham
2 min readSep 29, 2020

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I am one of those folk, the more tired I am, the more I snack.

I am also one of those folks, the more bored/restless I am, the more…😶 I snack.

Being aware of this took years. Unsupportive habits such as this harm my health and reduce my confidence to change.

What then…

Tired > substitute snacking with rest, specifically closing my eyes or stand at our balcony for 10min if I need to recharge. If it is after 2130 CEST, pause & consider to go to bed.

Bored > substitute snacking with 10 squats. This is an attempt to use body movement to check in. That also helps to be aware of the emotion and watch it pass.

A friend asked me how I got this diminishing habit?

I have only theories and that question helps triggered me to find out my underlying believe systems. Making sense of this serves as a narrative to myself. That narrative makes it clear on how I contributed to the unsupportive habit. Taking responsibility of one’s narrative matters to shift one’s mindset.

Are these the only unsupportive habit that I wish to rid of? Hell, no. Plenty more to review.

How can ridding of bad habits be this easy? 🤜🏽 No, it is not easy at all to change an unsupportive habit. In fact, in many people’s eyes, it is seen as ridiculous and silly to even try. However, I invite myself to choose to try this for a week. One practice at a time.

What other practises do I use to support my choice of letting go? Without a doubt in the world, meditation. My meditation practice 5 times a week with Headspace app is my base that I lean on, everyday. 🧘🏽‍♀️

Making a choice to change is crucial in letting go.

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