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Reflections on the perception of job-hopping

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Some of my friends commented that I may be a job-hopper. Looking at my LinkedIn profile, I can perfectly understand their perception!

I also noted the same perception is formed a few of my job interviews with potential employers. “Is she flaky, lack focus and lost?”

A few reflections

A few of my job-change was due to the volatile nature of start-ups. I was certainly been part of that redundancy due to market changes, revenue performance and less favourable business model/business execution.

Some changes was a conscious decision to change workplaces due to recommendations. Usually after an ex-colleague or a friend pitched a workplace and after a few chats, I was sold. Then I made the move to an exciting opportunity.

There are of course one or two places/roles where I felt stuck and made an actively decision to switch work.

Retrospectively, I feel my job-hopping reflections are not unique, I share that with others.

As oppose to job-stagnation, where a person is in the same role for a longer period of time or at the same company with different roles, does job-hopper symptoms carry a poorer evaluation on a CV and therefore being unsupportive to my chance to be a potential candidate?

I am guessing it is subjective to the perception of the person who is reviewing my past work experience.

What would it take to stay at a workplace longer than, say, 2 years?

I have been in that state too where I was at the same workplace for almost 5 years and reflecting back,

  • I was having fun learning, on my own and as well as given support by the people around me
  • I felt I was able to contribute meaningfully
  • I was given a safe space to be autonomous
  • I felt seen & heard
  • I felt I have flexibility in working hours / WFH

I feel after this reflection, I can also be perceived as

  • I am flexible in learning different domain and working with different people
  • I about myself through experiments
  • I learn to build relationships

I remember someone once told me that, our work life does not Have to be linear, we are all different.

We are all human after all, we carry our own reality, our narrative & our biasses with us, then splash a pinch of our value systems too. I embrace who I am and where I am, right here, right now. Namaste 🧘🏽‍♀️



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