Doing things vs getting things done

Denise Tham
1 min readMay 10, 2021


It has been quite a few months of learning & searching.

Doing things vs getting things done

How am I doing things and/or getting things done?

Let’s be clear on the difference between those two.

Doing things: just execute one task after another, keeping busy

Getting things done: execute a task that moves towards a goal

Doing things & keeping busy is definitely one of my core skills. A question came, am I getting closer to my goals?

Goals are attached to a dream and a hope. Small actions can lead to those goals. Which small actions am I choosing to be busy with?

I looked through my completed todos (yes, keeping that diligently is also one action that I do well)

What do my emotions tell me? My emotions range from guilt, Wow, high five or just “meh”…

How does my body feel? My stomach, my eyes, my shoulder, what sensations do I feel? Relaxed, tensed, pulled by gravity or having some charged energy, intentional or just feeling nothing?

I invite you to take a moment to consider, How have you been doing things or getting things done? How does your body feel?