Start to check in on your clutter

Been reviewing what clutter do I keep.

This is inspired by the Minimalists.

  • Busyness, obsessed over details and tidiness.
  • Strong attachment to schedules.
  • Unsupportive self-narrative, tight grip on diminishing gender socialisation stories.
  • “Be nice”

The list gets long.

Breaking the pattern that keeps draining my energy. It could be both fun & practical for this period.

Fun: How would I react to this change when I declutter?
Practical: C’mon, is it about time to break the pattern during this period of havoc?

What is more supportive of my mind and body?
Does being kind trumps being nice?
Why do I say those things to myself but not to my friends?

Let’s go, let’s do some cleaning. Let’s make some choices.



The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important.

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